Grotta della pastizza

Dive kind: Caves / Wall
Minimum patent: Open Water
Difficulty: Low
Depth: 15/22 mt
Tide: Absent

Diving suits for divers of any level with the possibility of penetration into two caves. The place takes its name from a rock emerged that the locals call "Pastizza" as "Mess".You dive on a deep plateau no more than 8 meters, rich in ravines that offer shelter to small moray eels and groupers, bringing us up to a famous vertical wall for the known fot his richness of color (predominantly red, yellow and orange of his countless astroides and sea daisies). Back at the plateau starts for us the second part of the dive to the discovery of the first cave, which opens a few meters deep where its masters are the lighting effects because of a rift in the vault and numerous amount of hermit crabs who live there. Passing right through this opening we reach the second cave which allows us, after a short penetration, to emerge in a huge room where we will remove the mask, regulator and enjoy the silence of this wonder of nature. To make our experience even more special there is the presence of a statue representing the Saint protector of the island.

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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