Grotta delle Cipree

Dive kind: Cave / Cave
Minimum patent: Advanced
Difficulty: Medium
Depht: 18/22 mt
Tide: Absent

A very impressive cave, with large entrance at a depth of 18 meters, during penetration we will need to navigate midwater to avoid suspension that the sandy bottom could generate. Arrived inside we will find the splits on top of the roof that will allow us to access to the most striking part, where we’ll find breathable air rooms. Finning on the surface and removing the dispenser, we will arrive in the main room, in addition to striking roots of the plants that are off the ground and some come directly into the water, we can admire a small beach where many cowries beached.We get out of this secret beach through a siphon that will lead us in the upper part of the cave where the light effects coming from the entrance offer a unique spectacle.

* text taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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