La Grotta dei Gamberi

Dive kind: Cave
Minimum patent: Deep diver
Difficulty: Hight
Depht: 26/40 mt
Tide: Sometimes during the descent /ascent

There are many sites in Italy with the same name! But we can assure you that most of the divers, when speaking of "our" Cave of the Shrimps, begins with the same phrase: I couldn’t believe my eyes!After the pre-dive check begin our slow but steady descent following the tongue of rock that leads us from the surface until the entrance of the cave: a very wide color arch on a sandy bottom.The inner chamber is extremely large but dark at all even if the lamp usage is especially recommended in order to enjoy the view of the millions of shrimp, lobsters and conger eels that populate the walls and recesses of the cave.The internal path is very simple.After traveling clockwise part of totally wall covered with red prawns we’ll stay for a few seconds still and spellbound by the spectacle of light that we had left behind, wich cutting through the dark, draws in the background the silhouette of 4 beautiful “Pinne Nobili” and several Spirographis, continuing along the walls to reach the exit of the cave studded with light.Starting our ascent with the wall on the right and the blue on the left we will find large groupers, bream and barracuda that will accompany us until our boat.

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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