Punta dell’Arpa

Dive kind: Parete / Massi
Minimum patent: Open water / Advanced
Difficulty: Medium
Max depht: 15/ 40mt
Corrente: Frequent

The name comes from the outer shape of the rock that, admired from afar, makes us think of a harp.We start our diving sailing a stretch of sea grass that is caressed by various current exchange rates, and leads us in front of large boulders of volcanic rock collapsed years ago. The beautiful red sea fans have found their habitat there and we can admire them from 26 mt in June circumnavigating the landslide. During the ascent, we pass through spectacular fissures and real passers ravines, where the light effects offer us wonderful performances, countless scenarios for even the most demanding photographers.But not only sea fans, there are also other itineraries less deep but no less beautiful, where the crackers, the white bream and a few small yellowtail make us entertained, and barracuda are waiting just around the corner!!!

Ma non solo Gorgonie, ci sono anche altri itinerari meno profondi ma non meno belli, dove le castagnole i saraghi e qualche piccola ricciola ci fanno divertire, ed i barracuda ci aspettano appena dietro l’angolo!!!* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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