Scoglio Del Medico

Dive kind: Canyon, caves, rocks
Minimum patent: Open water / Advanced
Difficulty: Medium/ Low
Max depht: 20/35 mt
Tide: Weak and constant

Considered one of the most spectacular dive sites in the Mediterranean, owes its name to an ancient dialect mangling the original "Homeric Rock ", many other legends surround this beautiful place but we reserve the right to tell you about it on board!Its crystalline waters conceal one of the richest and most varied backgrounds that can offer both an extraordinary presence of fish and an incredibly rugged environment where a series of breathtaking passages lead us to a canyon that plunges from the surface vertically to -30 meters. Unforgettable are the light effects that accompany us in the first part of the dive, giving space to carousels of yellowtail and barracuda swimming in the blue.Wanting to change the dive profile you can opt for the “closed path”. At a depth of -18 meters in fact we find the entrance to a cave called "The Whale" that cuts the rock bringing us, after about ten minutes of penetration, up to -26 meters.This is a dive suitable for any diver, from the most experienced to a Open Water recently patented, given the infinite choice of different offerings and complimentary paths.

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010


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