Secca Della Colombara

Dive kind: Shoal
Minimum patent: Open water / Advanced
Difficulty: Medium/ High
Depht: 5/ 40 mt
Tide: Frequent and constant

One of the most beautiful and fascinating diving not only of Ustica but in the entire Mediterranean. We dive on the top of the hat shoal at a depth of 3 meters, but after just a few meters you will reach the edge of the shoal, after which you will be left breathless in front of a vertical wall of basalt column that falls up to 30 meters on a first plateau. Gliding slowly get up to the top of the plateau, the blue is opened in front of us, and that's where you see the benthic fishes, tannute and snappers.The stones, which are located along the descent are rich in coral reefs and offer shelter to groupers who let themselves bring undisturbed.Circumnavigating the shoal you reach the wreck of a merchant ship aground about ten years ago, and, among the majestic and peaceful groupers, you can come across barracudas vortices.On the way back, if you are lucky, on the plateau that leads us back to the shoal, you can admire the circling of amberjack.Damselfish, glances and salps accompany us throughout the dive and frame the beautiful landscape of flooded shoal.

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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