Il Secchitello

Dive kind: Shoal / Pinnacols
Difficulty: High
Minimum patent: Advanced / Deep
Depht: 24/50 mt
Tide: Strong, Constant and frequent

A dive really unique characterized by a series of "pinnacles" close to each other but with the tops at different depths, from about 24 mt to 50 mt.Moored the boat less than a mile from the coast where the references are mainly naturalistic, we find ourselves close to the anchor line to deal with a guided descent in the blue which is already very impressive and exciting.After reaching the maximum depth of 30-35 meters the path that we will follow will depend on the current and especially on the amount of fish that we will find.Many species that we will meet in this site: amberjack, barracuda, bream, tanute, groupers, snappers, without forgetting the clouds of damselfish that surround us and the branches of red gorgonians which cover the walls of the pinnacles.Achieved 100 bar we carry close to the anchor line and begin the ascent enjoying the feeling of being suspended in the blue. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO leave your camcorder or camera on land for lovers of the underwater shots!

* texts taken from "La Rivista - Speciale Ustica", edition 2010

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